Quick Information
  • Min deposit : $250
  • Spreads From : 1 PIPS
  • Minimum Volume : 0.01 LOT
  • Leverage = 1:400
  • Execution less Than : 0.1 SEC
  • Funding : Several Channels

Corporate Account Application

Before completing the following form it is essential that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions concerned with your Accuindex trading account as detailed in the Client Agreement (including Terms and Conditions, Best Execution Policy and Risk Warning Notice).

We will use the information provided in this form to assess your suitability to open an account. For this reason it is essential that all the information provided is entirely accurate and if, at a future date, any circumstances adversely affect this information, you are required to notify us in writing to advise us of these details.

Please type or print clearly using block letters and ensure you initial each page. Incomplete applications will not be approved.

For any questions related to the completion of this form, the terms and conditions or the required supporting documents please contact Client Services on info@accuindex.com

Account Information

Company Details

Contact Details of The Principal Director or Authorised Person

Contact Details of The Principal Trader

Financial Information

What is the Company’s net turnover (in EUR (approximate USD value in brackets)):(please tick one)*

Does the Company have:

Balance sheet total of more than EUR 12.5mio (approx. USD 14mio)*

Own funds of EUR 2mio (approx. USD 2.5mio)

An average number of employees of more than 250?

Previous Trading Experience

Have you traded CFDs or margined FX using a demo account

    What, if any, products have you traded in a live environment (where you made the final trade decision) in the last 12 months?

Market Knowledge and Awareness

Do the directors and/or principal contact person understand the nature and risk of trading margined/leveraged products? *

Do the directors and/or principal contact person understand that you can lose more than your initial deposit or margin payment? *

Are you aware that the Company must maintain a minimum level of margin in the account to cover any margin requirements ? *

Do the directors and/or principal contact person understand that we are the Company’s counterparty and that your positions are taken not with an exchange?*

Do the directors and/or principal contact understand that volatile market conditions may impact our ability to generate prices or to execute your orders?*

What are the Company’s investment objectives

Client Agreement

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